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Welcome to the world of my horse and me.  The horse lives in a different world and we as humans and horse lovers and owners enter into their world.  Because of the unique relationship I would like to see people have a better more positive experience with their horses.

I have been riding most of my life.  Only in the past 10 years have I truly understood what it means to be with a horse and not just ride one.  I was a rider before then, now I work as a team with a horse.

I have had unique experiences with horses since I have been riding.  I have morphed from a little girl flapping around on the top of ponies, desperate to hang on and show no fear.  To a new horse owner sharing a horse with my sister and learning together, but again letting others make decisions for me.  I avoided hard issues but using the people around me to support me.  I worked hard to start a new 2 year old gelding and the learning opportunity was enormous.  After an event that serious hurt my young 2 year old paint, I woke up and I became highly motivated to learn more and trust myself more.


Now I have a new 3 year old that I am starting with all new experiences.  I am bringing to the table my history and learning experiences, good and bad, and a team around me that all have the same goal…to have an excellent positive training and relationship with Tinker.


Remember I am an animal chiropractor and look at horses in a different way.  I ride many disciplines so ultimately I ride a ‘horse’.  On my travels for my profession I get asked so many questions about horses and their care.  I see many barns and training techniques.  I don’t know it all but I always have a sense people are swimming in mud trying to do the best for their horse, children, themselves etc.   I would like to offer information about how I am training and caring for my horse.  You will see that you are not alone in your joy and frustration.  I too, with all my experience, still struggle to co-exist with horses in my life.  Even if you pick up some small piece of information that helps you or steers you towards a better relationship with your horse, then my job is done.


With this I thought about sharing some of my experiences with you.  Remember my horse is not your horse.  I don’t know everything about horses.  I am constantly learning.  I am not expecting people to do exactly what I do.  Instead, take the information and combine it with your experiences and perhaps blend it to make a better positive experience in your life with your horse.  It up to you!



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